717 Madison Avenue Covington Ky

First Contact:
Office Manager: Kimberly Woodall Cell 513-295-3841: Home 513-942-0872

Secondary Contacts:
Deputy Director: Jennifer Belisle 513 251-9502
Human Resource Director: Mary Stowers Home 859-356-8907
Facility, Transportation, Safety Manager: Don Buckley 859-653-7148
Executive Director: Florence Tandy Cell 859-582-5603

Covington Fire Department Non –Emergency – 859-431-0462
Covington Police Department Non-Emergency – 859-292-2222

Duke Energy – 513-651-4182 Follow prompts to report emergency

No KY Water Service – 859-578-9898

Office/door keys are located in a locked key box in the second floor electrical room (Parking lot side)

Cincinnati Dayton Fire Protection: 513-489-5454
Sprinkler System- Water shut off valves are located in these two locations – valves are tagged for identification
Wet (1st Floor bottom of stairwell Madison Side) Locked Door
Dry (3rd Floor Closet Madison side)
Back Flow System
(1st Floor bottom of stairwell Madison Side) Locked Door

Sonitrol -1-800-875-7301 (4A5128)
Fire alarm monitoring - Reset alarm code - 1234

ThyssenKrupp Elevator: 513-241-6000
Elevator telephone number 859-581-0294
Elevator telephone monitoring
Elevator mechanical room is located by rear parking lot door – Door is locked

Roto-Rooter: 1-877-729-7686
Plumbing Services 24 hour emergency service

Arc Electric: 859-441-7161
Electric - Air Conditioning and Heating
24 hour emergency service

Heating units located on first and second floor hallways between restrooms
Third floor furnace is located in closet (Madison Side) right side of hall

Roof top units accessible through third floor (parking lot side) closet entrance – ladder on right side of room

Electrical room located on first floor to third floors (parking lot side) in closet near exit door

Janitor’s Closet – 1st Floor near parking lot – Door lock combination C873Y Turn door knob left (towards elevator) Cleaning supplies – step ladder – keys for trash bin – brooms/mops etc