437 West 9th Street Newport Ky

First Contact:

Secondary Contacts:

Newport Fire Department Non –Emergency –
Newport Police Department Non-Emergency –

Duke Energy – 513-651-4182 Follow prompts to report emergency

No KY Water Service – 859-578-9898

Office/door keys are located in:

Cincinnati Dayton Fire Protection: 513-489-5454

Sonitrol -1-800-875-7301 (4A5128)
Fire alarm monitoring - Reset alarm code

ThyssenKrupp Elevator: 513-241-6000
Elevator telephone number
Elevator telephone monitoring
Elevator mechanical room is located:

Roto-Rooter: 1-877-729-7686
Plumbing Services 24 hour emergency service

Arc Electric: 859-441-7161
Electric - Air Conditioning and Heating
24 hour emergency service

Heating units located:

Electrical room located:

Janitor’s Closet: